Avoid the Communication Black Hole

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Recruitment Made Easy

Holding new member recruitment events is a great way to promote your lodge and increase your membership. What better way to entice potential members than with food and fellowship? One of the best partners you have in your efforts to recruit new members is your Financial Benefits Counselor (FBC). Your FBC will help organize a New Membership Dinner and make a [...]

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Finding Membership Lists

Lodge presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, financial/membership secretaries and editors can download membership lists by following these steps: Sign on to with your user name and password. From your Member Profile page, click “Membership Lists” to the left of your name. (To get to the profile page from elsewhere on the site, click on the word 'Profile' to the left [...]

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Credit Card Affinity Program Discontinued

Sons of Norway recently received notice from one of our partners, U.S. Bank, that they are terminating our affinity credit card program and trademark license agreement due to shifting the business model for their affinity programs. U.S. Bank will include a statement message for six months, notifying existing cardholders that their card will no longer support Sons of Norway. Sons of [...]

What Is This Report

Lodge Membership Activity Report On the second business day of each month, Sons of Norway headquarters sends out a "Sons of Norway Lodge Membership Activity Report" for lodges that had membership activity during the previous month. This report is automatically sent, by email or by regular mail, to the lodge vice president and the financial or membership secretary. Other officers can [...]

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