Lodge Membership Activity Report

On the second business day of each month, Sons of Norway headquarters sends out a “Sons of Norway Lodge Membership Activity Report” for lodges that had membership activity during the previous month.

This report is automatically sent, by email or by regular mail, to the lodge vice president and the financial or membership secretary. Other officers can receive this report regularly, if requested. Please contact Membership Services at Sons of Norway headquarters if you or a fellow officer are not receiving this report and would like to be added to the distribution list. ([email protected] or 612-821-4643)

This report includes the following information:

Heritage members turning 16

These are youth who have been Heritage members and who have turned 16 during the previous month. In the U.S. youth members will be automatically moved into a family membership if they are already associated with a household. Youth who are not part of a family will receive a bill for an individual membership.

(In Canada and Norway, Heritage members will have the opportunity to convert their membership to dues-waived Unge Venner until the simplified dues structure is implemented, beginning January 1, 2020.)


Lodge officers who are not active members

Lodge officers need to keep their membership current by paying their yearly dues. Any officer who has been cancelled, suspended or has been reported as deceased will appear under this heading.


Address changes/corrections

Address changes are typically reported to Sons of Norway headquarters by the lodge secretary, membership or financial secretary or the member themselves. Occasionally, mail will be returned to Sons of Norway headquarters indicating that the intended recipient does not live at the address on file. Sons of Norway headquarters staff researches to see if a new address can

be found. If a current address can not be found for the member, then the address is removed and mailings, including Viking magazine, will no longer be sent.

Please check through this section to ensure that new addresses are correct and notify Sons of Norway headquarters of any errors.


Members transferred into your lodge

This section features members who have been transferred into your lodge from another lodge during the last month. The member number, name, address and phone number are listed for each transferred member, as well as the number of their previous lodge. For more information on a transferred member, download a membership list contact, contact Membership Services or call the transferred member.


Members transferred out of your lodge

These are members who have transferred out of your lodge into another lodge. Their member number, their name and their new lodge are listed.

Reinstated members

This section lists members who were cancelled or suspended but have reinstated their membership by paying their dues.


Members whose dues are over 30 days past due

This is a listing of members who are delinquent with their dues payment. The lodge vice president should work with the membership committee, along with the financial or membership secretary,

to privately contact these members and encourage them to make their payment. This can be done by e-mail, by phone or by letter. Members will continue to be listed until they pay their dues or they are suspended or cancelled.


Suspended/cancelled members

Members listed in this section have either requested that their membership be cancelled or they have been suspended for not paying their dues. At the end of each entry there is a C (cancelled) or an S (suspended).

A member’s record can be cancelled in several ways. Often, the member will make note of their desire to cancel on their dues notice and send it in to Sons of Norway headquarters. Members can also call or e-mail their cancellation request.

A member’s record becomes suspended the first day of the new month after they have been overdue for 120 days.

A cancelled or suspended member can always reinstate their membership by contacting their lodge or Sons of Norway headquarters. If a member has lapsed for more than two years, they should fill out a new membership application.

Notice of death

This lists members who were reported as having died during the previous month. A death can be reported in several different ways. Usually Sons of Norway headquarters receives a death notice from the lodge or notification from a family member.

Check this list of deceased members carefully to ensure that no living members have accidently been reported as deceased! If a mistake has been made, please contact Sons of Norway headquarters immediately so this error can be rectified. If not corrected, the member may mistakenly be listed in Viking magazine in the “In Loving Memory” section.

It takes three months or more before a member noted is this category will appear in the “In Loving Memory” section of the Viking magazine.


New members this month

This section lists new members who joined your lodge the previous month, along with their contact information. Members who have signed up online and those who have sent in a paper application are listed. The lodge does also receive notification by email when a member signs up online (non-voting lodges).

All active members

A membership total for your lodge is listed in this section. This number includes Heritage members who have insurance, so it may differ from your lodge totals listed elsewhere.

Other totals typically do not include any Heritage members.

Same member, multiple listings

Occasionally, a member is listed under multiple headings: for example, as a new and a reinstating member. This indicates that the reinstating member had been away from Sons of Norway for two years or more. When this time span has elapsed, they are treated as a new member by Sons of Norway headquarters. They receive a new member welcome kit and the recruiter gets credit for them as a new member.

Sometimes, a reinstated member will also be listed as a transferred member. This means that they previously belonged to another lodge, but transferred into yours when they made their recent dues payment.

Lodge Activity Reports Online

Didn’t receive a monthly activity report for your lodge? Deleted the email that contained the report? New to the position of vice president, financial secretary or membership secretary and want to take a look at past reports? Good news! No need to contact Sons of Norway headquarters to have a report sent. Lodge activity reports are available online. After logging in, select “Lodge Activity” on the left side. Then select the month and year of the activity report you are interested in viewing.


Questions about this report and/or to correct any errors, please contact Sherry Gorse, Membership Services, at [email protected] or 612-821-4643.