The holidays may seem like the distant future, but for Sons of Norway they’re right around the corner. In fact, September through December is our busiest time. The next four months account for a significant portion of Sons of Norway’s annual recruitment, so it’s easy to see why the rest of the year will go by like a breeze.

Because the end of the year is such a critical time for recruitment, it’s important to get members excited and motivated about bringing new members into your lodge. Imagine: If every member recruited just one new member; we’d meet our recruitment goals by the end of September!

In that spirit, read on for three tips for turning your lodge members into motivated recruiters.

Turn events into recruitment opportunities

Nearly every lodge will have a significant event before the end of the year. Whether it’s a Leif Erikson Day program, a Christmas party or other gathering, instead of making it a member-only event encourage your members to bring a friend. Special events are a great opportunity to showcase the best part of being a member of Sons of Norway – the fellowship!

Recognize the work of members

When your members do recruit new members, take a minute to recognize their hard work. A public thank you will go a long way to creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement for other members to focus on recruitment. Some lodges even reward their recruiters with a candy bar, an excellent incentive!

Lead by example

As a lodge officer, you are in a unique position to step up and lead by example. Have you brought a prospective member to a lodge program or event? If not, make it a point to do so in the coming months. Lodge members will recognize your hard work and have a better understanding that recruitment is a team effort.

Don’t forget – your recruitment efforts are all part of Sons of Norway’s 2017 goals. As a reminder, each lodge has its own recruitment goal: 10% of its membership from the end of 2016. For a refresher of the 2017 recruitment campaign and what your lodge stands to gain, check out the Growing to 2020 page.

Has your lodge had a great 2017? We’d love to hear about it. Share your success story with us.