Not every fundraiser needs to be a big endeavor for your lodge; often smaller projects can be as effective as a large event, but better suited for a lodge with fewer resources. The following ideas require less planning, while still providing extra income for your lodge:

  • Collect printer cartridges. Depending on the printer, used cartridges can be worth anywhere between $1 and $20. Have a box at your lodge meetings and events to collect members’ cartridges. You can find a business online that will buy them from you. Search “printer cartridge fundraiser” on Google.

As a bonus, check with your FBC to see if they’d be willing to add a printer cartridge box in their office or contribute to yours.

  • Bag groceries. Contact your local grocery store and see if your lodge can bag groceries for a fundraiser. It is an easy and simple way to raise extra money in an afternoon.
  • Organize a rummage sale. Members can donate unwanted clothing, crafts or other items and the lodge holds a rummage sale for extra money. Several lodges, including the Kringen lodge, #4-025 in Fargo, ND organize annual rummage sales for the lodge
  • Connect with a local business. Check with area businesses to see if there are opportunities to collaborate on fundraising. This can include selling gift cards for a business and keeping a percentage for your lodge. The Vestland lodge, #1-601 in Minnetonka, MN partnered with a local flower shop to sell gift cards. The lodge was able to keep some of the money for themselves.

Looking for More Simple Fundraising Tips?

Check out or for more free ideas.

Don’t forget about Sons of Norway Foundation grants. Local Lodge Partnership Grants are available for a variety of lodge programming and events. It’s never too early to begin working on an application for your lodge. A full list of available grants and deadlines can be found in the Foundation section of the Sons of Norway homepage.

Contact Joe Eggers, Membership Coordinator at (800) 945-8851 ext. 697 or [email protected].