On the list of famous Norwegians, Leif Erikson places very high. As you probably know, more than 1,000 years ago Leif and his fellow Vikings established the first European settlement in North America at Vinland. In the 10 centuries that have followed, Leif Erikson, and Vikings like him, have captured the imagination of people around the world. Next month marks the 51st Leif Erikson Day, which commemorates the achievements of one of Norway’s most famous and influential seamen. How can your lodge capitalize on the fascination with Leif and Viking culture? October is a perfect time for Viking programming; here are a few resources your lodge can utilize.

A great place to start your program is with the Viking related materials located in the members section of the Sons of Norway website. The Info Bank units and Mini Presentations are great places to find information about Vikings; anything from Viking navigation to role of women in Viking society. There are a couple items tools to highlight within the unit. You may also be interested in Idea Bank unit #2, How to Start a Viking Oriented Youth Group. This could be a great opportunity to build in youth programming into your lodge. Since Vikings are appealing to people of all ages, October is an ideal time to start.

Youtube is another great resource to supplement your Leif Erikson program. The Vikings: Voyage to America is a 2006 History Channel that traces the steps of some of the first Viking explorers who reached the North American continent. At just over 45 minutes, it’s the perfect length for a lodge program. Another History Channel documentary, Leif Ericson, focused specifically on the life of the Viking explorer and is also about 45 minutes long. Another, more unique option is an excerpt of the Vinland Saga, which recants the story of the voyage to North America. It’s also about 45 minutes, and would lend an authentic experience to your lodge program.

Are you looking for additional programming ideas?

Contact Joe Eggers, Membership Coordinator, for helping putting together programs that can captivate your members. He can be reached at [email protected] or (800) 945-8851.