historical map of ScandinaviaUse the kit to help you draw more interest in Nordic heritage, culture and our exclusive Cultural Skills Programs like Genealogy and Family history.

The Scandinavian Spark Kit includes a vintage map poster, along with tips and ideas for promoting your lodge and attracting more members. Limit one kit per lodge, while supplies last. Please order by email and include lodge name and number, your name and mailing address to [email protected].

Read the 2019 Recruitment Campaign goals and results by lodge now. Open the pdf at the bottom of the page labeled “Lodges Meeting 2019 Goal. Plus monthly results for all lodges.” The goal for each lodge and detailed district results through March 31 are currently available.  They will be updated online quarterly.

Are you wondering how your lodge goal for 2019 was determined?

The lodge president, vice president, financial or membership secretary and treasurer have online access to the lodge’s Membership Activity Report for December, 2018 showing the lodge’s total number of members, including juveniles with active insurance. The goal for each lodge is 10% of that total, rounded up to the next whole number. There is a minimum goal of 4 new members for lodges with 30 or fewer members.

For example, if your lodge had 111 members at the end of 2018, 10% would be 11.1 rounded up to 12 new members as the goal. Or, if your lodge had 29 members at the end of 2018, 10% would be only 2.9, so the minimum goal of 4 new members applies.