During the year, lodge secretaries are asked to track their lodge’s activities and volunteer hours. This information from each lodge is compiled and reported to members and other interested parties in the Sons of Norway Annual Report. In addition, the American Fraternal Alliance, our government advocate, uses this information to help us keep our tax-exempt status.

Paper forms were mailed out in March. Instructions for utilizing the paper form and the online PDF form, as well as how to use FraternalGives.org, a valuable tool for tracking information, was included.

Last year, 60 lodges used FraternalsGive.org to report 2,673 activities, during which lodge members clocked 170,199 volunteer hours. Of these activities, 660 were community focused activities with 50,556 hours, while 2,015 were membership focused with 119,643 hours.

When combined with the totals reported on paper, Sons of Norway lodges held 33,075 events and volunteered for 1,003,383 hours.

If you have any trouble signing on or entering events into www.FraternalsGive.org, or have questions about using the paper forms, contact Sherry at 800-945-8851 ext. 4643 or [email protected].