Stein Fjell lodge of Loveland, CO

Your lodge celebrations and activities are the sweet honey that gets people buzzing about Sons of Norway. 

It’s easy to promote your lodge events, fun meeting programs and community service activities by adding them to the Sons of Norway Events page on our website.

There are many different activities you can post – from lodge dinners and Syttende Mai parades to bazaars and craft sales, musical performances at your lodge or the local area, heritage and language camp dates, Scandinavian festivals and even community service volunteer events.

An average of 37,500 monthly visitors to will enjoy knowing more about Nordic events of all kinds. Post events well in advance, so there is plenty of time for others to learn about your event and make plans to attend! This is especially important for drawing in prospective members who are curious about membership and your lodge.

You don’t even need to log in to add an event. Start on the home page at

The Events page brings you to the event entry page. Submit your post and we’ll take it from there!