6 quarts (6 liter) milk, whole
6 eggs
½ cup brown sugar

Gomme has a long history in Norway. This unique gomme from Telemark requires a lot of stirring, but with our electric beaters it is well worth the effort. The finished gomme will have a delicious and unusually cream consistency.


Step 1

In a heavy bottom pan bring the milk, over moderate heat, to the boiling point while stirring continually.

Step 2

Pour into a separate casserole with a heavy bottom and let it simmer uncovered for approximately 5 hours. Gently shake the pan periodically. Do not remove the coating, snerken, which will form on top of the milk. The gomme will now have the consistency of a thick sauce and have a light golden color.

Step 3

Beat eggs and sugar together in a bowl. Add the boiled milk, a few tablespoons at a time, while continually beating at high speed. When all milk is added, continue to beat on low until the gomme is lukewarm. Enjoy with waffles and lefse. There is plenty here to share as well.

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