2 lbs. potatoes
1 Tsp. salt
1 ¼ Cups, approximate, barley flour


Step 1

Boil unpeeled potatoes. Peel, and twice grind, rice, or mash while still warm, until potatoes are smooth and elastic, thus requiring less flour. Add salt during this process, rather than adding it to the water, it increases the elasticity of the potatoes. The more elastic the potatoes, the better the lumpe. Cool.

Step 2

Add flour to a small portion of potatoes at a time, stir just enough to make a firm, easily-handled dough. Making a lot of dough at once and leaving it stand may cause the dough to become sticky. Cut off slices with a sharp knife. Press these down lightly with the back of your hand, and finish rolling out with grooved rolling pin into ¾ inch flaps. Doing it this way one needs less flour. Brush off all excess flour before baking.

Step 3

Place lumpe on medium hot lefse or other griddle and turn often with a pliable spatula. Prick any blisters that form while baking. When done they should be light in color with large, brown spots.

Step 4

If the griddle is too hot they will remain raw inside; if too low, they will be hard and tough. Allow them to dry out for a few minutes, them wrap in a clean towel and cover until ready to be served. They are tastiest when used immediately. They can be served with butter and sugar, or with sharp cheese. As for me, it will always be pølse with lumpe.

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