>>> >Cookie Cones with Cognac Cream on Mixed Berries



For the Cookie Cones

2 Cups whipping cream
¼ Cup sugar
1⅔ Cups flour
½ Tsp. vanilla extract

For Caramel Threads

4 Ounces sugar cubes

For Mixed Berries

2 Cups water
2 Tbsp honey
6–8 Mint leaves
2 Cups mixed berries (or lingonberries, black currants, raspberries, or others)

Cognac Cream

⅜ Cup and 1 Tbsp water
½ Cup sugar
1 Vanilla bean, split lengthwise
5 Sheets (or 5 Tsp powdered) gelatin
2 Cups whipping cream
4 Egg yolks
½ Cup cognac, scant

For the Cookie Cones (Krumkaker)

Most of us would call these cones krumkaker. However, Brimi says, in the district of Otta these would be called skryllo. There, krumkaker typically are made with eggs, and skryllo are made with cream. Both cookies are baked in a krumkake iron.

Step 1

Lightly whip the cream.

Step 2

Stir in the remaining ingredients.

Step 3

Bake in krumkake and form into cones while still warm. Set the finished cookie cones aside.

For the Caramel Threads

Step 1

Melt sugar in a wide, low pan. Cook until light brown. Cool slightly. Make sure the sugar does not burn after it is taken off the burner.

Step 2

Stir carefully with a wooden spoon. When the sugar begins to make threads when the spoon is lifted, the temperature is correct.

Step 3

Place cookie cones on parchment paper and drip caramel on top. If the caramel cools, reheat.

For the Mixed Berries

Step 1

Bring the water, honey, and mint to a boil.

Step 2

Add thick-skinned berries, such as lingonberries and currants, in the warm syrup.

Step 3

Cool, then add soft berries. Soak the berries overnight.

For the Cognac Cream

Step 1

Bring the water, sugar, and vanilla bean to a boil. Simmer 10 minutes, remove from the heat and steep one hour.

Step 2

Remove the vanilla bean and save for later use. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water (if you are using powdered gelatin sprinkle it over 2 tablespoons of the cream) to soften, about five minutes.

Step 3

Reheat the syrup.

Step 4

Whisk the egg yolks in a small bowl, then whisk in the syrup. Place the bowl in a saucepan filled with simmering water and beat until light and creamy.

Step 5

Squeeze excess water from the gelatin sheets (disregard for powdered gelatin) and melt.

Step 6

Stir the gelatin into the egg mixture.

Step 7

Whip the cream, add the cognac, and add to the egg mixture.

Step 8

Fill the cones with the cognac cream. Serve on top of mixed berries.