>>>> Hors D'oeuvre from Dusgard




A little jar for 4 people
A large jar for 8 people
Egg yolks
Slices of white bread
Lemon sections
Onion, a rather large one

For the Filling

Step 1

Separate the eggs and put the yolks into separate egg cups.

Step 2

Cut onions into slices, and lemon into sections.

Step 3

Cut bread slices into rounds approximately 2½ inches in diameter.

Step 4

Garnish the dishes with a lemon section and parsley on two sides. Immediately before serving, fry the rounds of bread in a pan with butter. Put them on the dishes and cover them with caviar. Place an egg yolk inside an onion ring on the top.

Recipe taken from Norwegian Home Cooking by Rikke and Nils Lie published and sold by Hedmarksmuseet, 2300 Hamar, Norway.