Vinland lodge 6-159 in Temecula, CA, is excited about #Growingto2020 and looking toward the future! When the lodge began 2017, it had 57 members. In just four months it has grown by five members, bringing the lodge closer to its goal of increasing membership by 10 percent. Lodge President Caronne Van Nyhuis shared with us Vinland’s approach to making 2017 a big year for recruitment and their tips for other lodges.

Tell us about your lodge’s goals for 2017

Setting goals are very important but they must also be realistic. We have set a goal of increasing our lodge membership by at least 10%, which we feel is quite a realistic and attainable goal for 2017.

What’s been the key to your lodge’s success?

We try to always stress “Scandinavian Culture.” Whether we are having a dinner with Scandinavian food, or having Scandinavian music performed, or ethnic dancers or educating our lodge members on Nordic history and culture, we always try to make it of interest to our members.

How do you keep your lodge meetings fun?

We always have a social and potluck luncheon before our business meetings. Our members, visitors and guests get to interface with each other, eat a delicious lunch and at the same time learn a little bit about their Scandinavian connections with others. We also take plenty of photos of all our events which are brought to each meeting on poster boards for all to see and enjoy!

What’s your best recruitment advice for other lodges?

When you are recruiting new members be sure to start with your own family and friends FIRST. You might be surprised! Also always carry a few application forms with you, you never know who you might talk to who is part Scandinavian or has an interest in the culture. Advertise your lodge with flyers, newspaper articles, local bulletin boards and most important “word of mouth.” Speak up!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with lodges?

Always have enthusiasm for your lodge. Enthusiasm is very “contagious” and it is sensed by those around you! If you think your lodge is the “best” then believe me . . . it is THE BEST!! ­­­I know at my lodge I have the best members in the world, who know that THEIR Vinland lodge can’t be beat!

Editor’s note: If your lodge is having a big 2017, we’d love to hear it! Share your successes with us here