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Imagine being employed full-time to hike the beautiful fjords and mountains of Norway. Unbelievable, right? For many of us this kind of opportunity is an unlikely fantasy or dream-job, but for 24-year-old Andreas Orset it was reality for an entire year.

Andreas was hired in June of 2016 as the “Explorer” by the Norwegian shoe manufacturer, Alfa Sko and the outdoor recreation organization, Norsk Friluftsliv, with additional support from Visit Norway. The job description: spend a year hiking across Norway to promote the adventure and activity that the country has to offer, and product test Alfa Sko’s new hiking boots.

Andreas was chosen from among 1,030 applicants for the ambitious and demanding role. The position required elite hiking experience and outstanding communication skills. As the Explorer, Andreas had to live in the outdoors together with, and against, the elements while documenting his travels through a blog and social media platforms.

July 2017 marked the end of Andreas’ adventures. His last 365 days were spent hiking, paddling, climbing, fishing and hunting the entire country of Norway. In addition to the more strenuous trips in the wilderness, Andreas also enjoyed smaller adventures in the woods behind houses or on the knolls near the city limits—proving that all of Norway can be explored and enjoyed. For Andreas, a bonus was that all across the country he experienced warm hospitality and companionship from those he met along the way.

For details about Andreas and his year-long adventures, follow him on Instagram (@alfaeventyreren) and Facebook or read his blog.