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This year marks a very special year for the beloved churches of Årdal, Norway. It’s not only the 100th anniversary of the “new” church in Årdal, but also the incredible and historical 400th anniversary of the old church.

The old church, built in 1619, is known as one of the most beautiful and distinctive wooden renaissance churches from the 17th century. As of today, the church primarily functions as a museum, but is also used for occasional church servic­es, weddings and concerts. The new church was officially consecrated and inaugurated in 1919 after emigrants from Årdal (living in Iowa at the time) gathered enough donations to pay for it.

Many members from Ryfylke lodge 23 in Hjelmeland, NO, along with members of the local community and visitors from around the world, eagerly await the joyous double-jubilee celebrations that will take place throughout the month of May. The parish has planned concerts, exhibitions, special church services and more to commemorate the dual anniversary milestone. For details, please view the event website or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].