Have you heard that Sons of Norway has a new product for members who are looking for a great way to protect both their family and their legacy, called Nordic Protector?

This is an essential product, especially when you consider that a large percentage of Americans are either not prepared to take on the financial responsibilities associated with a funeral or have no idea of what a funeral costs ($11,000 average). The Nordic Protector offers a simple solution to a big problem in that it is designed to provide the money needed to cover expenses like funeral costs, medical bills, legal and probate fees, debt and other end of life expenses.

Another appealing use of this product is to leave a legacy. By owning life insurance, you name a family member as a beneficiary to receive the tax-free death benefits at death. Or, you can buy life insurance and name your favorite charity or foundation as beneficiary so that your name can live on, or designate that your money goes to a special cause.

Finally, the Nordic Protector can be used to insure children and grandchildren. It’s a great gift idea for grandparents to buy this for their grandchildren. The policy provides cash value growth that the grandchild can use as he or she gets older, plus it provides a basic insurance foundation for life and the good thing is, there are no more premiums.

The basics:
• You make one guaranteed single premium payment and your policy is paid up with no additional premium payments ever.

• Nordic Protector is a good choice when additional life insurance is needed and you have a lump sum of cash available.

• Nordic Protector is an excellent way to transfer your assets to your heirs.

• No medical exam, only simple Yes/No questions

• Issue ages 0 – 85

• Available coverage $5,000 to $50,000

• Dividends can increase the death benefit to help fight inflation or they may be taken in cash

The benefits:

• Guaranteed Death Benefit: Death benefits are guaranteed and will not decrease. The death benefit is an income tax-free benefit to your beneficiary.

• Guaranteed Single Premium: Your single premium payment creates guaranteed paid up life insurance for the rest of your life.

• Guaranteed Non-Cancellable: Your certificate cannot be cancelled.

• Guaranteed Cash Value: Your policy builds guaranteed cash value that can be borrowed against in the case of financial emergency.

For more information on Sons of Norway’s Nordic Protector Life product, please contact your local Financial Benefits Counselor.