We are pleased to announce that the Sons of Norway Foundation awarded more than $18,000 in grants to 33 lodges last year. Three types of grants are available to assist lodges in the following areas:

Lodge Culture and Heritage Grants — For projects that promote Norwegian culture and heritage

Helping Hands to Children — For establishing educational and mentorship programs for kids

Lodge Vitality (new in 2018) — For a one-time boost to a lodge’s operating budget when funds for specific repairs or projects are not available elsewhere

For more information about grant opportunities, visit https://test.sofn.com/foundation/grants/.

Congratulations to the 2018 grant recipients for their hard work and dedication!

Lodge members from Draxten 1-464 and Vennekretsen 1-559 volunteer to clean and maintain the Ole Bull statue.

Lodge Culture and Heritage Grants

Draxten 1-464, Ole Bull Statue Landscaping Renovation

Kong Sverre 1-482, Lodge 50th Anniversary Celebration

Kong Olav V 1-483, Lodge 50th Anniversary Celebration

Kenyon Viking 1-487, Lodge 50th Anniversary Celebration

Vennekretsen 1-559, Syttende Mai Celebration

Tusenvann 1-659, Syttende Mai/Recruitment Banquet

Scandia Lodge 1-680, Nordic Music and Arts Festival

Cascade 2-87, Norwegian Heritage Outreach at SeaFair/Summer Celebration

Southern Star 3-630, Scandinavian Cultural and Recruitment Fair

Wergeland 5-28, Wergeland Dancers Education/Promotion Project

Løven 5-29, Syttende Mai 2018

Vennelag 5-513, Celebrating Norsk Traditions

Edvard Grieg 5-657, Concert of Scandinavian Songs by Alisa Nordheim

Helping Hands to Children Grants

Sonja 2-38, KIDSPORTS, Sons of Norway Soccer

Fjeldheim 2-47, Annual Fundraising for Youth Culture/Heritage Camp Scholarship Fund

Whidbey Island Nordic 2-164, Farm-to-School

Spirit New Century 2-999, New Mattresses for District 2 Language Camp

Gateway to Florida 3-541, Adopt-A-School Scholarship Event

Heim 4-178, Books for Schools in Area

Mollargutten 4-478, Adopt-A-School

Vidda 4-663, Viking Skills Camp 2018

Fagernes 5-616, Adopt-A-School Reading Program

Ulseth 5-670, Elementary School Nordic Skiing Project

Roald Amundsen 6-48, Adopt-A-School, Helping Homeless Students Succeed

Norge 6-60, Youth Outreach Program at Norway Hall

Vikings of Lake 6-166, Student Council Members Capitol Trip

Viking 7-81, Adopt-A-School

Lodge Vitality Grants

Central 2-000, Freezer Replacement

Bothell 2-106, LCD Projector Replacement

Grondal 2-122, Grondal Lodge Promotion

Norumbega 3-506, Walk-in Freezer Condensing Unit Replacement

Vidda 4-663, Building Maintenance for Meeting Facility

Circle City 5-614, Laptop Computer for Presentations