Vinland Lodge, 1-193

It’s been said that Sons of Norway is the best kept secret: Our organization offers plenty of great benefits, but many people don’t know all that we have to offer. It’s time to change that!

In reality, Sons of Norway is a vibrant international cultural organization with benefits that appeal to members of all ages. With that in mind, entice potential members to join with these five outstanding member benefits.

1. Viking Magazine

Viking is Sons of Norway’s award-winning magazine. The monthly publication keeps members up-to-date with news from Norway, mouthwatering recipes, travel features, cultural highlights and more. Best of all, the only way to receive Viking is by joining, making it the ultimate incentive for potential members.

2. Member Discounts

Sons of Norway members have access to a number of member discounts to save on everything from dining out (through Perskspot) to travel. For example, members can save 10% on flights through Icelandair when they book through select travel agents – potentially saving as much as a membership to begin with.

Did you know that members in the U.S. receive a 25% discount to Films of Norway, a streaming service offering a growing library of Norwegian movies and shows? With winter soon approaching, now is a great time to check it out!

3. Sons of Norway Foundation Scholarships

The Sons of Norway Foundation has improved the lives of numerous members and communities for more than 50 years. The Foundation’s scholarships are an excellent way to offset the cost of education, whether it’s for a Folk High School or a study abroad program. Since many of the scholarships require an applicant to be either a member or child or grandchild of a member, they provide an excellent incentive to join Sons of Norway!

4. Free Financial Review

As a fraternal life insurance company, Sons of Norway has provided peace of mind for its members for over a century. Aside from the strong financial products Sons of Norway offers, a free Financial Review from one of the talented Financial Benefits Counselors can help members ensure their future is both bright and secure. What other organization offers that kind of security while celebrating Norwegian heritage?

5. Our Lodges

Sons of Norway lodges are the backbone of the organization, and represent the best thing we have to offer: Fellowship. Whether you’re inviting a friend to an event or meeting a potential member at a community event, welcoming a new person to your lodge event is great way to introduce them to Sons of Norway and ”spill the secrets” about all the excellent benefits that come with membership.