An extreme dining destination will soon be submerged under the sea near a village on the southernmost coast of Norway. While other underwater restaurants exist in exotic locations like the Maldives and Dubai, Under will be Europe’s first underwater restaurant and the largest in the world.

Oslo-based architecture firm Snøhetta plans to construct a 6,500 square foot three-level structure with a 36-foot-wide panoramic window. Immersed more than 15 feet below water, visitors will pass through a coat room and a champagne bar before their final descent to the formal dining room. The restaurant will accommodate up to 100 guests and will have an emphasis on seafood cuisine.

Under was designed with careful consideration to its aquatic environment. The building will feature a concrete and coarse surface on which mussels can cling. Over time, the submerged restaurant will become an artificial mussel reef and will attract more marine life to the space. Outside of opening hours, the restaurant will double as a marine biology research center.

Construction on the restaurant is just underway and is expected to open in the first quarter of 2019. To book your table and learn more about Under, visit

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