Embrace the simple pleasures of Hygge this winter. Silliness and fun ahead: Get ready for laughter as you play one of these Nordic-inspired games. We’ve shared three of our staff favorites; available in select stores or online.

  • Bananagrams Norsk or standard edition. Encourage beginning spellers of English or Norwegian with this fast moving game that challenges your vocabulary. See who can quickly build crossword grids and use up their letter tiles first. For ages 7+, 1 to 8 players. Available at amazon.com

  • UFF-DA! is a numbers matching card game. It uses the word “UFF-DA!” as an out-loud declaration that a player is at their last card and about to win the round and possibly the game. For friends and family, ages 7 and up. Available at amazon.com 
  • Viking Adventure awaits.  Test your strategic skills with this award-winning board game. Your journey explores Norse history and mythology. Conquer countries, win treasure and ride the Rainbow Bridge to seek your Fate. For up to 6 players, ages 9 and up. Available at ingebretsens.com