Did you know that your investment in your future financial health not only helps protect your family’s financial security but has far reaching, positive effects for the greater Sons of Norway community? In the spirit of celebrating Life Insurance Awareness month this September, we’re sharing our new infographic which explains how purchasing our life insurance and annuity products helps build a strong financial future for you and your Sons of Norway lodge!

Putting revenue sharing to work

Last year, Fedrelandet Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, received a revenue sharing check of $2,400, which they used toward lighting renovations in their main hall and parking lot, providing a warm and welcoming environment for current and potential members. Also due to the renovations, the lodge has accrued savings on its yearly utility bill, reducing the cost of operations.

Note: for Sons of Norway members, Nordics Pay It Forward is available for download here to share at lodge meetings or events.

What needs does your lodge or community have that a revenue check could help cover? Spread the word that “Nordics Pay it Forward” is a great way to make a difference! For more information, contact your Financial Benefits Counselor or visit www.sonsofnorway.com.