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How Much Do You Know About Norway Today?

It’s time to find out! In the October issue of Viking magazine, we test your knowledge about topics from pop culture, innovative companies and the royal family. Below, check out some additional questions. 1. What Norwegian film has been chosen as the country’s entry for the 2019 Oscar nominations? “U – July 22” “What Will People Say” “Now It’s Dark” “Going [...]

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Celebrate the Cinnamon Roll this Fall

October 4 is Kanelbolledagen, or Cinnamon Roll Day. These beloved pastries are known by many names, such as kanelbolle (cinnamon bun), kanelsnurr (pinwheel), kanelknute (knot) or skillingsbolle (shilling bun). The latter is how they are known in Bergen, named for their original price. Skillingsboller are traditionally a snail shape, with high butter content and granulated sugar on top, rather than glaze [...]

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Munch Painting Hides in Plain Sight

An unfinished painting of violinist Eva Mudocci has discreetly hung on the wall of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. for nearly 20 years—until now! Recent discoveries have led experts to believe the painting may be the work of iconic Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The mystery painting was donated to the college by alumnus Richard Tetlie, as part of a gift of 2,000 pieces [...]

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An Eye for Detail

With more than 40 years of experience, Nancy Bundt  has photographed a range of subjects—from food and travel to fashion and music. The Minneapolis native currently lives in Norway with her husband. Learn more about her in Viking’s October issue and see more from the interview below.   What is your favorite thing to photograph? I’ve created 18 cookbooks, four of them [...]

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Recruitment Made Easy

Holding new member recruitment events is a great way to promote your lodge and increase your membership. What better way to entice potential members than with food and fellowship? One of the best partners you have in your efforts to recruit new members is your Financial Benefits Counselor. Your FBC will help organize a New Member Dinner and make a presentation [...]

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Plan a Foundation Fundraiser

To recognize Sons of Norway Foundation month, lodges are encouraged to plan a fundraiser. Why not take the opportunity to turn your fundraiser into a ‘fun’draiser—an excuse to get people together to have a great time, while raising money for a good cause. A ‘fun’draiser can help support the Foundation, and engage and bond your membership, while providing another opportunity to [...]

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Meet a Clever Canine with a Penchant for Puffins

Norwegian Lundehund What has 24 toes, ears that can fold closed, forward or backward at will, and was saved from near extinction after World War II? The Norwegian Lundehund, of course! The breed’s unique characteristics, including six toes on each foot, came in handy when retrieving puffins – that’s right, puffins – from the crevices of its homeland’s steep [...]

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Making A Big Splash

From cross country skiing to biathlon races, Norwegians are known for their love of winter sports. However, more and more Norwegians head for the high dive as the unusual sport of dødsing gains popularity. Dødsing, or “death diving” in English, is a Norwegian extreme sport where competitors hurl themselves off a 10-meter-high diving platform and land in what looks like a giant [...]

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Motor to Minot for Norsk Høstfest

The largest Scandinavian festival in North America is preparing to welcome you! Join in all the activities that await you at Norsk Høstfest: free stage entertainment, multiple dining experiences, cultural attractions and much more. Enjoy your first “Viking-on-a-stick,” take in outstanding music from The Texas Tenors, Tanya Tucker, Michael Bolton, Alabama and others. Crafts, art and artisans will draw your attention [...]

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Grand Designs

Norway is a hot spot for architectural innovations. And its libraries are no exception! Check out these impressive libraries in Norway. Vennesla Library & Cultural Center Vennesla, Norway This award-winning building is comprised of a library, café and administrative areas that link to a community house and learning center. The Huffington Post ranked the library as one of the most beautiful in [...]

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