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Pride—Human Rights for All

Last year we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While most people probably have a vague idea of what fundamental human rights are, we live in a part of the world where many—myself included—probably take them more or less for granted.

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Reinstating Members

If someone whose membership has lapsed wants to become a member again, they are referred to as a reinstating member. A member can reinstate their membership in any of the following ways...

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Web Tip: Use Your Phone or Tablet to Sign Up a New Member

It’s easy to sign up a new member using your phone or a tablet. Just follow these simple steps. Make sure you bring your tablet to your next community event and invite new members! To start, click on the menu button from your mobile device and select Join/Renew. Want to bring a copy of this with you to [...]

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Day Trip: Oslo to Lillehammer

Ahh, day trips. A time to recharge and discover a town’s cultural allure, heritage and quaint quirks. In the May issue of Viking, we took readers on quick day getaways from Oslo and Bergen...

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Norwegian-Sami Music Group on the Rise

In the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Sami-influenced music group KEiiNO has been selected to represent Norway at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest this month. The group, consisting of Sami songwriter and rapper Fred Buljo and Norwegian singers Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo...

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Prison Prizes Respect

Halden Fengsel, Norway’s second-largest prison, is a facility that emphasizes respect and focuses on the rehabilitation of its inmates. The prison opened in 2010 and although considered a high-security prison, it has no conventional security devices.

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Summer Travel Notes

If your travels take you to Norway this summer, be ready to experience all the drama and beauty the country has to offer: Intricacies of a vast coastline. Mesmerizing waterfalls. Diverse species of native birds. Hiking trails. Glorious beaches.

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Make that Surplus Tax Refund Work for You

Sure, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or see that award-winning film before the month is out. Then, jump in and consider the best way to use your tax refund. Here are some ideas. 1. Pay off debt - Don't let those credit cards get the best of you...

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