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Recognizing Long-Term Members

At the beginning of 2018, a simplified dues structure was implemented in the U.S. with two membership categories: Individual and Family. Golden membership, awarded since 1999, was discontinued in the United States at this time. However, changes were made at the 2018 International Convention where the delegates approved the reinstatement of recognition for long-term members. Beginning on January 1, 2018, when [...]

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If Our Founders Could See Sons of Norway Today

Founders' Day: January 16 No doubt: Those hearty Norwegians who founded Sons of Norway back in 1895 can be considered visionaries for forging the cornerstone of what would become a 50,000-member financial and international cultural organization. The 18 founders would be exceedingly proud of today’s members who collectively log hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours each year in service to their [...]

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Viking Magazine: Articles to Enjoy Again or for the First Time

As we ring in the New Year, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Viking magazine articles from 2018. Inside Ålesund In the November issue we share the charming Art Noveau-inspired town of Ålesund. Spread across several islands, Ålesund provides an easy access to fjords, mountains and the coast. Members can access the full article here. [...]

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What Is This Report

Lodge Membership Activity Report On the second business day of each month, Sons of Norway headquarters sends out a "Sons of Norway Lodge Membership Activity Report" for lodges that had membership activity during the previous month. This report is automatically sent, by email or by regular mail, to the lodge vice president and the financial or membership secretary. Other officers can [...]

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Oslo For History Buffs

If you’re making plans to visit Norway, check out the January issue of Viking magazine. It’s brimming with travel advice, expert tips and recommendations for exploring Norway from north to south. Whether you’re looking to take a spectacular train journey, search for polar bears in Svalbard or explore Norway’s vibrant capital city, there are ideas for every type of traveler.

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Happy “Norwegian” New Year

As the New Year’s celebrations end, standard resolutions quickly come to mind. They may include getting back on track with fitness goals or gaining better control of your finances. But this year, why not keep Norway at the heart of your New Year's resolutions? To help get you started, here a few ways you can add a little more Norway to [...]

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