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Sightseeing Scandinavian Style

Scandinavians, especially Norwegians, have left their mark across the United States and Canada. A tour of local Norwegian landmarks is a terrific way for your members to learn a little more about their heritage and connect with their fellow members at the same time. A tour can also bring generations of members together and be a great way to get families [...]

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Norway Tops the List for its Work-Life Culture

In addition to its energetic outdoor lifestyle and unique culture, Norway is known for its exceptional standard of living and for having developed a work-life balance that other countries envy. Work-life balance in Norway is highly valued. Norwegians typically work 8am to 4pm, and usually a 36-38-hour work week which allows them to have generous time with their family. Employers are [...]

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Cooking with Katrín

In the July issue of Viking, we feature three seafood recipes from Scandinavian author, photographer and blogger Katrín Björk. Originally from Iceland, she lived in Denmark for 14 years and is now based in New York’s Hudson Valley. In April, Björk launched her first cookbook, “From the North: A Simple and Modern Approach to Authentic Nordic Cooking,” which includes a collection [...]

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Sharing the Gift of Genealogy

The box of old letters that unlocks a family connection … an anniversary party photo showing multiple generations … documentation like this can provide priceless clues in tracing your family lineage.  People tend to view genealogy as a look back in time, rather than a piece of the present. In the August 2018 edition of Viking, members can access an article about [...]

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Our Secret Weapon: The fourth “F”

Sons of Norway membership benefits tout the three “Fs”: Financial, Foundation and Fellowship. But don’t forget the appeal of an important fourth “F” – FOOD! There’s nothing quite like sharing our Nordic favorites – lefse, seafood, julekake and more—to make new friends. A friendly meal and our traditional Norwegian Cooking cultural skills program may be all it takes to convince a [...]

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By the Sea

With its vast stretches of coastline and pristine waters, Scandinavia is a nature lover’s dream. Summer is the perfect time to escape to the coast for some relaxation and fun. The July issue of Viking magazine highlights five unique seaside resorts. Here, we highlight three more. Angvik Gamle Handelssted Situated near Tingvoll Fjord in the Nordmøre region of Norway, this hotel [...]

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