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Think Summer, Think Norgesskolen!

Member Discounts Apply Norgesskolen is a two and a half week summer school that takes place in Telemark, the cultural and historical heart of Norway. The school provides an opportunity for children and youth aged 9 to 18 to deepen their understanding of Norwegian language, culture, and society. The students also participate in a wide range of sports and outdoor activities [...]

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Ignite Your Recruitment Efforts Through Volunteerism

Sons of Norway has a lot to offer its members: an engaging fraternal spirit, stable financial products and outstanding member benefits like Viking, just to name a few. New members are looking for more, though. Increasingly, we’re seeing an interest in connecting with communities as much as connecting with Norwegian heritage. How can lodges turn this shift into an advantage? Volunteerism. [...]

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Affiliate Members

Winter may bring snowbirds to your lodge. At the same time as they are enjoying the sunshine and warmth of their temporary location, they may wish to continue experiencing the fellowship of a lodge. Consider inviting these temporary residents to become affiliate members of your lodge. What is an affiliate membership? Affiliate membership allows an individual to belong to two or [...]

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Thriller Queen

Emma Ångström is a woman of many talents. She’s an architect, journalist, songwriter and author. She’s turned her passion for writing into a career as a crime novelist. Her books include “And All Is Distorted,” “The Man in the Wall” and “The Last Experiment.” Learn more about her in Viking magazine’s February issue and see more from the interview below. How [...]

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Historians Develop Program to Decipher Old Handwriting

A project funded by the European Union is making it possible to convert centuries-old handwriting into typed text. Transkribus is a software program that can scan, transcribe and search historical documents that are in English or Norwegian. The program is supported by the READ project (Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents), an international collaboration involving 14 countries. The ability to scan [...]

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Largest Underwater Restaurant to Open in Norway

An extreme dining destination will soon be submerged under the sea near a village on the southernmost coast of Norway. While other underwater restaurants exist in exotic locations like the Maldives and Dubai, Under will be Europe’s first underwater restaurant and the largest in the world. Oslo-based architecture firm Snøhetta plans to construct a 6,500 square foot three-level structure with a 36-foot-wide [...]

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Release your inner explorer and discover Norway’s Arctic!

Sons of Norway is pleased to bring you the following message from Travel Partner and International Convention Sponsor, Borton Overseas.  Photo credit: Jens Henrik Nybo, Svalbard, Norway, a remote Arctic archipelago found along the 80th parallel, is halfway between Norway and the North Pole. It is home to the Seed Vault, and is an important research center for scientists from [...]

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A Day to Celebrate the Sámi

Every year February 6 marks Sámi (SAH-mee) National Day, a day when thousands of individuals join in celebrating the vivid culture and history of Scandinavia’s indigenous people. The day wasn’t officially recognized as an ethnic national holiday until 1992, but its significance stems back to the first Sámi Congress held in Trondheim, Norway over 100 years ago. The Sámi have inhabited [...]

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Family Game Night

Embrace the simple pleasures of Hygge this winter. Silliness and fun ahead: Get ready for laughter as you play one of these Nordic-inspired games. We’ve shared three of our staff favorites; available in select stores or online. Bananagrams Norsk or standard edition. Encourage beginning spellers of English or Norwegian with this fast moving game that challenges your vocabulary. See who can [...]

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Sámi Icon: Mari Boine

This month, we celebrate National Sámi Day on Feb. 6. In Viking magazine's February issue, we highlight Mari Boine. Raised amid a Sámi community on the Finland-Norway border, international singer Boine is inspired by her roots. After singing in her native language for 30 years, she recently released her first entirely English-language album, “See the Woman.” Catch Boine on tour in [...]

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