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We’re Hiring!

JOB TITLE:  National Sales Manager Reports To: Director of Agencies Summary This position is primarily responsible for driving New Life and Annuity sales, training Financial Benefit Counselors (FBCs) on sales and prospecting techniques/skills for selling Life and Annuity products, and recruiting new independent agents to become FBCs.  This position is also responsible for serving as a source for advanced underwriting and [...]

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Plan now to boost membership in 2018

Will your lodge be participating in community-wide festivals or events in in the upcoming year? Make the most of these opportunities to build interest in Sons of Norway and invite more prospective members to join. After attending Olympia Norway Day last April, Hovedstad 2-094 in Olympia, WA, recruited 75% of their 2017 new members within three months. They had member enrollment [...]

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It’s Founders’ Day for Sønner af Norge

January 16 is a day of celebration for Sons of Norway members. It’s the day we commemorate the 18 Norwegian immigrants who established our organization to assist members and their families when they experienced financial hardships. Today Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian cultural organization outside of Norway. Here are 10 more facts about our founders and Sons of Norway. [...]

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Nordic Coffee in NYC

In the January issue of Viking, we take readers on a Nordic tour of New York City. From cultural attractions, shops and restaurants, there are plenty of ways embrace your Scandinavian heritage in the Big Apple. As you explore, make sure to stop for a cup of Joe and a treat at these Nordic-inspired cafes. BÚÐIN This trendy café in Greenpoint [...]

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Bygone Times Revealed in Norway’s Abandoned Farms

Author and historian Øystein Morten has studied ødegårder—abandoned farms—at length. Fascinated by their vacant, fallen structures, Morten believes deserted farms have a particular allure and tell us something important about the places and the culture that Norwegians have moved away from. With photographer Pål Hermansen, Morten has published—Norske ødegårder – Historien om stedene vi forlot—("Abandoned Norwegian Farms - The History of [...]

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Electrified: The World’s First Hybrid Cruise Ship

Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten is investing in ships with a hybrid engine developed by Rolls Royce. The ships, constructed at Kleven Yards in Norway, are expected to launch in 2018 and 2019. The launch of these hybrid ships will be an important milestone in Hurtigruten’s goal of sailing fully electric ships to the Arctic and Antarctic. The ships will have the [...]

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Norwegian Christmas Traditions featured in New Disney Short Film

Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" Find yourself missing the holiday season already? If so, you can continue celebrating those beloved Norwegian Christmas traditions well into the New Year by watching the newly released short film, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” Building further upon the Norwegian references introduced in the original film “Frozen,” this 22-minute spin-off features a number of Scandinavian holiday customs [...]

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Sherpas Blaze New Trails in Norway

A group of Sherpas from Nepal have spent the last 18 years reconstructing Norway’s mountain paths for locals and tourists to enjoy. They have built paths and stairways in more than 100 different locations throughout Norway. Sherpas are from villages in the Himalayan mountain range near Mount Everest. They are known for their strength and capacity to work in high altitudes. [...]

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5 Stays in the Faroe Islands

Located halfway between Iceland and Norway, the Faroes are an 18-island archipelago of unspoiled natural beauty. They offer unique and thrilling experiences for every kind of traveler. Check out the January issue of Viking magazine to learn more. Here, we highlight five places to stay in the Faroes. Hotel Vágar If you want to be close to Vágar airport, this 3-star [...]

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