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Happy Birthday Queen Sonja

While we in the United States are celebrating our country’s Independence Day, Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway will be recognizing a different milestone—her eightieth birthday. Their Majesties the King and Queen will spend part of the day unveiling the Queen Sonja Art Hall. The latest in a series of festivities to mark the 80th birthdays of the monarchs, the new [...]

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Celebrating Edvard Grieg

Happy birthday, Edvard Grieg! On this date in 1843, Norway’s most famous composer was born in Bergen. In addition to achieving great notoriety for his musical compositions, Grieg is also credited with giving Norwegians a sense of national identity during the union with Sweden. Today his legacy lives on not only through his compositions, but also through several performing art centers [...]

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2016 Founders Awards

Congratulations to the 59 Founders Award Winners! Founders Awards are presented to lodges experiencing a 3% or more growth during the calendar year. Winning lodges receive a certificate and a prize check. Lodges growing a healthy 3% to 19% receive $50. Lodges which have generated a remarkable growth of 20% or more are gifted $100. Lodges with 20% or more [...]

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Friluftsliv and Fitness

This Saturday, June 10, is the 10th annual National Get Outdoors Day (GO Day), which encourages healthy, active outdoor fun. What better way to take part in the spirit of the day than to embrace the Norwegian tradition of friluftsliv! Just what is friluftsliv? It is a uniquely Norwegian concept that celebrates outdoor life and recreation. Interestingly, it is Norway's own [...]

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Food Tour Highlights Bergen’s Culinary Flair

Canadian entrepreneur Cheyanne Smart founded a tour company in Bergen to showcase the culinary delights of Norway’s second-largest city. Smart experienced a tasting tour in Stockholm and thought that her adopted hometown would be a great location to launch her own food tourism company. Now in its second year, Bergen Food Tours offers an insider’s guide to the local food scene [...]

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Foundation Grants Bring Norwegian Culture to Wide Audiences

Foundation Grants Bring Norwegian Culture to Wide Audiences posted on Tue, Jun 6 2017 11:31 am by Jenna Kohlnhofer 0 Comments Through grants and scholarships, the Sons of Norway Foundation helps fund activities that positively affect members, assist lodges and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway. Read on to see how in 2016 General Heritage & Culture Grants supported projects that [...]

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Norway’s Flag: Then and Now

June 7th marks the 112th anniversary of the dissolution of the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway, leading to the independent Norway we know today. Along with independence, the break with Sweden also gave Norway its official flag that flies to this day. To mark the occasion, June 7th is one of sixteen official flag days where all Norwegians are encouraged [...]

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Entertainment for a Scandinavian Summer

Whether you’re looking to celebrate into the night or for a way to introduce Norwegian heritage to a new generation, here are a few ways to fill your summer with activity resources from Sons of Norway. Midsommer June 24 is Midsummer; one of the biggest summer celebrations in Scandinavia. It also coincides with the summer solstice, making it an ideal time [...]

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Hobbyists Uncover Bronze Age Hoard

Thanks to the curiosity of siblings Joakim and Jørgen Korstad and their metal detectors, a large cache of late Bronze Age artifacts have been uncovered in a field east of Trondheim. In January the pair made the first of the discoveries—nine axes, a spearhead, casting mold and fragment of what is likely a bronze lur (a horn-shaped wind instrument). Quickly alerting [...]

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