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Ambassador Heins Sworn In

It’s official—the United States now has an Ambassador for Norway! As you probably heard, Samuel Heins was appointed by President Obama and recently confirmed for the position. Last Thursday he was officially sworn in, completing the process.This is excellent news for both Norway and the United States, as having someone in this important diplomatic position will help strengthen the bond that exists [...]

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The Very Model of a 21st Century Ambassador

For a number of years now Social Media has been a prime component of our culture. It’s how we get our news, it’s can be the source of entertainment and a conduit for sharing our joys and concerns. It’s pervaded almost every area of modern day life, from the cereal we eat for breakfast to the books we read before bedtime. [...]

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Easter Ideas For Your Lodge

Don’t forget: Easter this year falls on March 27th. It might be a little too late to make a full program for your lodge around Easter but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to bring a little of the holiday spirit to your next lodge meeting. Here are a few of our favorite simple ways to bring Easter into your lodge [...]

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Scandinavian Quartet Åkervinda

Vocal quartet Åkervinda adds modern flair to Scandinavia folk songs. The members of the group, Linda, Lise and Agnes, met while they were studying jazz music. They’ve performed throughout Scandinavian and North America and hope to have new music to share by the end of this year. Read more about them in the February 2016 issue of Viking and see more [...]

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