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Norwegian Experience: Bergen & Stavanger

Due to yesterday’s big announcement, we had to delay this post, but we are back on track today with the final update from our Norwegian Experience winner. This post covers their final days in Norway, where program sponsor Borton Overseas planned some great excursions in Bergen and Stavanger. SofN: So, last Friday you went from Bergen to Stavanger via the coastal [...]

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Sons of Norway CEO Named New Honorary Consul General

Sons of Norway is pleased to announce that its CEO, Eivind Heiberg has been named the new Honorary Consul General for the state of Minnesota. The appointment was revealed shortly after 3pm today by His Excellency Ambassador Kåre R. Aas as part of a visit to the Sons of Norway Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. “CEO Eivind Heiberg is extremely well qualified [...]

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Norwegian Experience: Bergen

Today we are checking in with our Norwegian Experience winner as they go on a fjord excursion and explore the beautiful city of Bergen. SofN: I see from your itinerary that you took a fjord cruise. How was it? SB: The fjord cruise was nice.  It was a fun way to travel.  It was a bit rainy, but I understand that is [...]

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Norwegian Experience: Oslo and Balestrand

Today we check in with Sue, our Norwegian Experience winner to see how her first couple of days in Norway have gone. Thanks to Borton Overseas, she spent Monday and Tuesday of this week visiting the beautiful cities of Oslo and Balestrand. Let’s see what all she’s done so far. SofN: Hi, Sue! I know you spent your first day in [...]

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Recruiting Rumelva Style

Last December, Sons of Norway welcomed its newest lodge when Rumelva #1-685, had its institution. After having its introductory meeting in Cambridge, MN on Syttende Mai, the lodge recruited 40 members in just six short months. But, the lodge didn't stop there. They now boast an impressive membership of over 50. Sons of Norway spent some time talking with Rumelva's Social [...]

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2015 Norwegian Experience Trip

Tomorrow is a big day for Sons of Norway member Sue Bjornstad because, as the winner of last year’s Norwegian Experience contest, she’s about to go on the trip of a lifetime! The Sons of Norway blog is going to follow along throughout her trip to Norway, which is sponsored by our travel partner Borton Overseas, and report back on her [...]

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Join Sons of Norway’s Customer Service Team Today!

Sons of Norway is currently seeking an experienced Customer Service Representative to join their team of professionals in Minneapolis, MN. To learn more about a rewarding career with one of the best Fraternal Life Insurance companies in America, apply today! About us: Sons of Norway has been in the business of selling annuity and life insurance products since 1895.  Since then we [...]

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Crime Author Karin Fossum

Best known for her captivating Inspector Sejer series, Karin Fossum is one of Norway’s bestselling crime writers. Her books are translated into 30 languages, and Fossum has won numerous awards, including the Glass Key Award for the best Nordic crime novel and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. In the July 2015 issue of Viking, we spoke with Fossum about her [...]

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Community Programming

Lately, a lot of people have been calling the Sons of Norway Headquarters looking for new programming ideas. Many of them are surprised to hear that the key to great programming may already be right at their fingertips. It’s true: outstanding programming isn’t always hard to find, the trick is simply knowing where to look. This month let’s highlight three resources [...]

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More With Fredric Aasbø

Norwegian professional drift driver Fredric Aasbø has the need for speed. He fell in love with cars at the age of five and raced go-karts as a teenager. Aasbø made a splash on the drift-racing scene during his rookie year in 2010. Today, the 29-year-old is part of a California-based team that travels the world competing in races. This summer and [...]

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