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Holiday Recruitment Ideas

December is the final month of the 2014 Recruitment Challenge. Fortunately, it is also amongst Sons of Norway's busiest months for bringing new members into the lodges. Christmas parties are especially popular occasions and they also make a great opportunity for recruiting new families and young members. We've found through conversations with them, that Christmas and Syttende Mai are two of [...]

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Promote Your Lodge

Is community promotion a part of your lodge's plans for the New Year? By now, you probably understand the myriad of reasons why promoting the lodge to friends and neighbors in your community is vital to the long term health of the lodge. This month, we'll take that idea to the next level: we'll share with you an exciting opportunity for [...]

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Member Satisfaction Survey

Lately, a lot of people have been asking the Sons of Norway Headquarters staff for the secret to getting more members involved in lodge activities. Unfortunately, there's no single correct answer or solution; different members respond better to different programs or activities. This diversity is what makes Sons of Norway an exciting and engaging organization to be a part of; no [...]

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Modern Manager posted on Sat, Nov 1 2014 6:34 pm by ANYA BRITZIUS 0 Comments Photo Courtesy: In the November 2014 issue of Viking,we highlight savvy Norwegian businesswoman Anita Krohn Traaseth. In September, she started a new role as director for Innovation Norway. The busy business leader, author, blogger, wife and mother of three believes in a contemporary management style. Check it out on page [...]

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Community Grants

Have you ever been to Lanesboro, MN? The small town of just over 700 people is located a few hours southeast of the Twin Cities. It's also home to Sons of Norway's Heimbygda lodge 1-376. Heimbygda is one of the fortunate lodges in the organization to also own their own building. A former Norwegian church, the building has been in the [...]

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